Did you know? The brother of Chris Hemsworth, is also on the “Thor” of Marvel comics; here’s how


“Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 made it, Chris wasn’t the only Hemsworth to play the God of Thunder. Well-known for his humor and colorful personality, and the third part of the franchise, “Thor” brought in a large re-invention of the character, going from a god to stoical, and the sound of the play: for a more fun and human.

This change can be attributed to the talents of Chris Hemsworth, though, when you talk about the rebirth of Thor, you can’t ignore the fact that he and one of his brothers may have shared a role in one way or another.

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After the events of the Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Thor, left Earth in search of the Gems of the Infinite. In doing so, he has left the Asgard, and the events within it, leaving it to his brother, Loki, who was long thought to be dead, to cause mischief in the best way possible.

Taking the place of Odin, and, of course, is power, followed by the disappointing end of ” Thor: The Dark World, and he has made a few changes to the Asgard for the sake of his ego. In addition to the giant statues of himself, Loki, as Odin, he passes his days by watching a piece of theatre for their “sacrifice” in the previous film Thor.

It is here that things take a turn in a funny way.

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It can be seen that, in the play, the actors are taking the roles of gods, not merely as a substitute. With Matt Damon playing the Course, Luke Hemsworth, brother to the real-life Chris Hemsworth, took over the position from Me.

This entry has been very amusing, to say the least, and technically, has turned to another member of the family of Hemsworth the God of Thunder. Even though it has only been a very small part of the film, the star’s Westworld went on for some time, with long blond hair and a red cape that her brother helped make famous in 2011.

Could it be that he can come back?

Thor: Ragnarok is a film that has achieved a perfect blend of action and comedy. To have a sense of humor, only from the director Taika Waititi is the one who allowed it in the film and that particular moment they were working properly.

To bring in the other Hemsworth to interpret to Me, even if only for a short time, it was with a subtle nod and a blink, for those of you who paid a lot of attention to it. Oddly enough, he was the brother of Chris and Liam, who almost ripped the paper from it years and years ago, however, Luke was the one who ended up spending quite some time in movies such as “Thor”.

Fortunately, in this context, it is not interfered with the success of his brother.

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With Me of Love and lightning, on the path, it is not improbable that such a scene would appear again and again. Of course Asgard was destroyed at the end of Thor: Ragnarok rule out the possibility that the parts about Thor and Loki, but who is to say that Luke Hemsworth is not going to reprise his role of Thor, the false, or to make an appearance in some way?

Or maybe I Read to make her debut in the MCU in some way or the other on the side of his brother, Chris? Very little is known about the fourth film in the “Thor” so for the time being, speculation is all fans can really do….

I Love, and the Thunder will reach the cinemas on the 4th of November, 2021.