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Tattoo done by actress Dove Cameron. homanegeou friend, Cameron Boyce

Tattoo done by actress Dove Cameron. homanegeou friend, Cameron Boyce Photo: Youtube / @The Vogue

The actress Dove Cameron he made a tattoo to pay tribute to a friend Cameron Boyce, who passed away in July of 2019. Done on the wrist, and the design came from the idea behind the project is initiated by an actor, with a message counter guns.

Check this out and the A’s were co-stars in the franchise of films The descendantsDisney. The actress explained that he had started an organisation, Wielding ” Peace (Hold your Peace, in other words, they sought to record those using the objects that seemed to be arms, but they were artistic, or at peace.

“I’m very much against guns and in favor of the legalization of firearms,” said the actress. The idea, then, was a tattoo of a gun with a flower sticking out of the end.

The tattoo was done while the Tattoo was part of a picture in the magazine Sheshe will be accompanied by 24 hours a day. In the video, the actress has also revealed that it has always practiced climbing in the morning, and he talked about the relationship with her boyfriend, actor Thomas Doherty. “It’s nice to be in a relationship with someone who you consider to be your best friend,” he said.

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