Drew Barrymore, and Justin Bieber as they exchange compliments, to live, ‘You’re the best” – 01/04/2020


Drew Barrymore made a cameo in the live-Justin Bieber on Instagram on Monday night. The actress and singer exchanged the compliments of the interaction with the Barrymore confesses that he likes a lot of the clothes on the line to Drew’s House, which was founded by Bieber.

I love your line, it’s just that good. It is cool and upbeat, and I feel honored to be a part of it,” says the actress, whose face appears on some of the parts. “I, too, love to see you and your wife as you love and support”.

“And we have a Boyfriend in common!”, played even Barrymore. The name of the male singer is Justin Drew Bieber, the one who inspired the name for the line of clothing.

Returning the compliments, Bieber commented that, in the past few days, I was watching interviews of famous actress of the era in which it was well-known for the roles of kids in movies such as “E. T. – The extra-terrestrial” (1982).

“You’re the best thing ever. I’ve seen a video of her on a talk show, and at the time of the ‘E. T.’. “You’re the best,” said the singer.

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