Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart to appear as twins in the new fan poster


Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in An egg and a Half (Play)

At one time or another come up in Hollywood, some of the pairs of which appear to have been united by their destiny. This is the example of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hartthat they have great chemistry both in front of and behind the paintings, and they became the best of friends.

With this in mind, a visitor asked the artist known as BossLogic, which were to create a poster inspired by the classic film The Twin Brothers in 1988 and directed by Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The hilarious result is to be given at the end of this post. Without a doubt, it won’t take you to one of the artists to be highlighted, and the answer to the issue.

The relationship started out on the comedy An egg and a Half in 2016, and if extended over a period Jumanji-welcome to the Jungle in the fall of 2017 the share of Hart for the derivative of the Fast and the Furious Hobbs & Shaw, and now, in the wake Jumanji – The Next Stage. The affection between the actors has become even more evident recently, when Kevin had suffered a severe car accident and had to undergo surgery.

It’s all good, I talked to Kevin. In fact I’m going to refer to him as my son. You know, those kind of things happen in life for a reason, and even though it was properly secured in the car seat. It is the love of the truth”kicked In at that time.

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More recently, the duo have admitted that Hart might have a role to play in the evolution of Adam, a Black man, The Rock will be starring in. “We have already discussed this,” he told Kevin to ET Canada. “We talked about this before, and we’re trying to figure it out. It doesn’t matter how, it is not going to make the movie for me. How selfish would that be?”, a joke as well.

If the player does or does not have a guaranteed place in the long, so only time will tell, but it is more than certain that the friends will continue to work on in the future, and start driving even more laughter from the audience.

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