Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones, auctions major dinner for a good cause.


After the end of the Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke, one of the main characters of the series, it continues to call to the attention of the whole world, but this time it’s for something very real and important to you.

The actress who played Daenerys, mother of dragons, has started an action through his profile on Instagram, aiming to speed up the flow of the beds in the hospitals, so that patients infected with the coronavirus can be obtained very quickly.

The intention is to raise around$ 1.6 million, and donate it to the institution, the Same to You. Clarke has proposed an auction in which you have as a top prize in the company of it at a dinner party at a distance, and respecting the recommendation made by the social. They will be chosen from 12 donors, and the actress claims to be confident that the goal will be reached, but they have big hearts and are willing to help you out.

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More details on the auction

During the virtual meeting, the donors will be able to chat with one of the stars of the Game of Thrones while each of the kitchen in your home, then you eat together, what you have prepared.

Clarke has said that it will be a fun experience, and people will be able to see just how much she didn’t know how to cook, in addition to the discussion on the question of a pandemic, isolation and fear.

The money that she is trying to raise is primarily for patients with brain injury. The idea is that they will have the support of an ideal, and, therefore, may be empty beds in the hospitals, because the demand is higher and higher due to the individuals who are identified with the covid-19.

The text is written by Flavio Motta, Coutinho and continue along via Nexperts.

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