Emma Stone reveals to the world the beauty, help in the creation of the character


The actress got a little secret for each and every one of your papers!

To create a character from scratch it should not be at all easy, and Emma Stone he knows it all! After years of starring in various movies, and living life are completely different, the actress has decided to reveal one of her little secret that will help you in this process. Spoiler: it has everything to do with the world of beauty and it smells so good!

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If you were thinking about perfume, you got it right! Emma was featured in an interview with VOGUE that from your 16 year old chooses fragrances for your character, and use it in a scene,, so you can define each of your roles more easily.

“My sense of smell is very strong – perhaps it compensates for my terrible sight? – so the scent was always the memory of the senses, the more quickly it to me”, I said “fun”. “I can remember most of the times in my life by the perfume.”

Now it’s explained why she’s one of the faces darlings of the Louis Vuitton, do you? During a chat with the magazine, She shared some of her cheirinhos favorite, and yet he could just as easily live with only three beauty products, and knows to say what are they like? “I would be very sad not to have a lip balm, perfume, and sunscreen. I will always have in my pocket”he said.

About her perfumes, all of them are the brand of which she is the poster girl and the prices are pretty salty! Each one is priced at$ 250 around$ 1000. “The Apogée is a scent that I use it a lot. It has a lovely floral scent and it reminds me of the south of France. I also had a phase of wearing Attrape-Rêves ” and, more recently, in Coeur Battant,” he said. Many people, he / she must be a very strong-smelling, isn’t he? Lol

Rt, you are also close in aroma? What is your favorite, and why?

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