Energy-used – Hailee Steinfeld is back to talk about the possibility of living a Kate Bishop series!


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Ever since it was announced that Marvel Studios will be released in a series of Energy-Used To over the next few years, a lot of fans were excited about the idea of seeing the young man Kate Bishopthe Gaviã Mostin the flesh to the bone on the screen.

But in the meantime, the general public, just a thought to those who can give life to a member of the The Young Avengers the program, being one of the strongest in the academy award nominated actress, Hailee Steinfeld. However, recently, the actress herself has denied the information that he was involved in the project.

They were not satisfied with the answer, and the other to the portal in the news again address the issue in an interview with the actress, who is currently promoting a number of Apple+ TV, Dickinson. Again, Steinfeld has been a keen and said that he is not in talks with Marvel Studios, but he left the possibility open.

“This is not something that is necessarily going on.”on , said Steinfeld. “We’re going to wait and find out, I guess.”

In spite of this, Hailee Steinfeld has said that she feels ready to do any role on TV, having starred Dickinson.

“I don’t think that, in a general way, this experience has prepared me to work in that kind of spacesaid the actress. “So, then, whatever may be the opportunity for you to show off in this deck, I think I can deal with it, and now that I have some experience with this.”

In the last year,, Hailee Steinfeld in the movie Note that the the franchise This and it has given a voice to the Gwen Stacy the animation Spider-man in the Aranhaverso.

Get a poster of the WandaVisionanother series of Marvel Studios, which will be exclusive to the Disney+:

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Energy-Used To his debut in the Disney+ in 2021!

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