Exitoína · Hailee Steinfeld plays the poet Emily Dickinson in a new series of Apple-TV -+; watch the trailer


The Apple TV+ has released a new trailer for the Dickinsonthe serial , starring Hailee Steinfeld (The Perfect Choice 2and, inspired by the story of the poet, the american Emily Dickinson, who lived in the XIX.

In the previous, Dickinson is faced with the often to fulfill his dream of becoming a great writer. At the beginning of the trailer, however, the poet appears as a freak in a circus, and is treated as crazy as you want. In a special place in the rapper’s Wiz Khalifa he says: “You will be the one at Dickinson, in the mouth of the people, of 200 years ago. I can promise you.”

++ Disney wants to Hailee Steinfeld as the protagonist of a series of energy-used

The series will be available from the 1st of November, the new streaming service from Apple, which will be released in Brazil for R$ 9,90 a month, at the same time.

Check out the trailer:

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