Famous, not be shut up in the face of abusive relationships


Violence against women is something that destabilizes society, bringing to the fore all the inhumanity of the perpetrator, which is often, if not intimidating, even when the law is to be applied, or misapplied, by the way.

Generally, it’s fiction, it is based on the real events to build a story. It is not by chance that the theme is timeless, with the current soap opera of 21, on the rede Globo television Network, a magazine especially for the Fine Print, it brings in the plot, the character of Celeste (Dira Paes), was a victim of domestic violence by the husband, Baltazar (Alexandre Nero).

The lady of the house came up, even with the black eye on the first couple of chapters of the story, written by Aguinaldo Silva, and in the year of 2011.

Of the double Heaven, and Balthasar in that scene in the soap opera

This week, fans of the actress Isis de Oliveira, and they were left to be commented by the artist, the abuse suffered by the husband, egyptian Hazem Roshdi.

According to his sister, Luma de Oliveira, and the acts committed by your partner if you have made it worse, in quarantine, getting you to think that it would be her death. She took the complaint, on the evening of the fourth Monday (the 22nd).

The debate is re-opened, how women – famous or anonymous – will suffer in abusive relationships? We have separated the 12 celebrities, both national and international, who have been through this situation at some point in their lives.

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Poliana Bagatini

– Victor Keys (with ex-partner of I), he was sentenced in the first instance, of the 18-day prison sentence in an open prison for the assault against his ex-wife, Polliana Bagatini. The country has become a defendant in 2017 at the earliest, after being accused by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, brazil. The Sunday Spectacular has showcased the images of the artist, punctuated Polliana in the elevator of the apartment building where the couple lived.

The ex-couple to the Victor the Keys and Poliana Bagatini

Luiza Brunet

The model has gone through tough times in 2015, with the ex-partner, Lirio Parisotto, after suffering physical abuse. The businessman was sentenced to one year of imprisonment in an open prison. The Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP), he has kept the judgment in the second instance. After the incident, Luiza Brunet followed him in the struggle to end domestic violence.

The Model Luiza Brunet

By Cristiane Machado

Cristiane Machado is known for his role in the novels of the Two Guys (the Globe), and the Promised Land (a Record), came out in all of the news reports being brutally beaten by ex-husband, Sergio Schiller Thompson-Flores, in the year 2018. Tired of the abuse she has installed cameras in the house, and was shown initially for the great. After a stay of seven months in jail, the ex-diplomat, has won the pulitzer prize, and was condemned by the court of Rio de Janeiro, for bodily injury, and false imprisonment-to three years ‘ imprisonment in a semi-open prison.

Actress Cristiane Machado

Luana Piovani

The actress, who is currently living and working in the Uk, has had a relationship for two years, with thoughts on conservation. In 2008, Luana Piovani has been abused by the actor last year, gave the following statement to the Newspaper for Half an Hour. “I’ve never tolerei of violence, but after that, it became a barrier to it. This is a question that I struggle with. I’m sure my kids would never do that, even if I hadn’t gone through it. I’m not ashamed of my history, and my children are going to learn that fact, and it’s going to create a different consciousness in them,” he said.

Actress Luana Piovani

The Glamour Of Garcia

The Glamour of Garcia, who made the character of Britney’s novel, The lady of the Piece, revealed through the medium of the video on his Instagram this Saturday (the 11th), which has been battered by former husband, Gustavo Dagnese. On the face of it, the actress has filed a police report against the producer of the event, getting a protective measurement of an emergency. He may not be able to get closer to the artist’s less than 10 feet.

Actress, Glamour, Garcia

Leticia Colin

In November, in the year 2018, The Colin ” for Vogue Brazil has been suffering in an abusive relationship. According to the actress ‘ ex-boyfriend, I wanted her to behave that way to him, even in the clothes she had been wearing, among other things. In addition to the constant harassment, resulting in inconvenience. The artist told me that I was too young and did not have a switch, I thought that I should give in to the desires of the ex.

Actress Leticia Colin

Deborah Secco

The actress has gone through a variety of stories, dense when it comes to a romantic relationship. In an interview with Look to the year 2018, Deborah Secco was told that it was related to men’s drivers that are on the oprimiam creating it as an emotional independence. According to her, a few were always asking her to lose weight, but if you separariam. He was verbally abused, and if they did, the good ones at the beginning of the relationship, however, later proved to be unscrupulous.

The Actress, Deborah Secco

Mariana Rios

In the channel, blogger, Julia Faria, Mariana Rios has revealed that it has gone through an abusive relationship for a short time. In this case, an ex-boyfriend was trying to undermine your self-esteem. The actress recounted a time that he was fixing up for a particular event, when the ex saw her, in no uncertain terms, told him that it wasn’t right, in an attempt to never speak slightly of her.

Actress Mariana Rios

Palmirinha Onofre

Well, you know, that’s nice of Palmirinha Onofre has also gone through this type of relationship, and for the next 20 years? The grandmothers are the most loved in Brazil, has revealed the look of the 2017 at the earliest, and that the ex-husband hit a lot. Is almost always to appear up with an eye swollen, bloody, with bruises all over your body, in addition to feeling very lonely in the relationship. She gave it a just right on time when your daughters become adults, asking for a separation and divorce.

Chef Palmirinha Onofre

She Was

In his column in Vogue Brazil, and She Was made to be an immense text, reporting on the many sexual abuse that he suffered as a child and pre-teen years. In one of the confessions, she recalled: “I remember the smell of alcohol and someone with a beard, which hurt my face, and it’s something that has been put in my mouth. I woke up saying that someone had done a wee in my mouth, and my brothers, they told me that I had been dreaming about,” he said.

Tv Presenter Xuxa Meneghel


One of the most well-known internationally, has been that of the singer Rihanna. The artist was beaten up in 2009 by Chris Brown. The rapper has reported that a fight broke out on the way back from a party, “With the fist, I gave it a little punch, and it ripped the lip of it,” he said in an excerpt of a documentary about his life, and in the middle of 2017.


Amber Heard

The ex-wife of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, has accused the actor of having thrown a cell phone in his face, injuring his eye, being extremely hurt. At the time, to come on stream in 2016, with the famous, asked to help the police. Then, the actress has opened up for a restraining order against the Wife.

Model, Amber Heard

By 2017, the research of the Datafolha has published alarming figures relating to cases of personal injury to the home: there were 184 women per 100 thousand females, a total 193.482 case, the means 22 for a time.

But how can you identify an abusive relationship? Please read the hint from the Case of Cabral, a therapist with couples, in an interview with the Most:

The relationship here is not only about the relations of “loving”, but for any kind of relationship: friendships, family, work – are they to be abusive, without the direction of not considering the reflection, but it is a toxic relationship. The levy is to be the leading, vulnerability is a part of jokes that are related to self-esteem, morale, which is thus, coibem report of one of the parties to the relationship, it’s abuse,” said she, which was saying, what do you do when you identify yourself to such abuse:

“The first step is to recognize that you are in an abusive relationship and seek help. Be careful at the time of, refer to the “offender” that you want to break off the relationship. It is important for you to avoid being in the place alone, and don’t run the risks of a new aggression (physical or verbal). You are now ready to cut off the relationship without feeling guilty. If you need to block him from any further contact, do it! For a woman to be able to rid yourself of an abusive relationship, then it needs to be strong and sure of herself. That being so, he should go to battle first, as a result of recovering their self-esteem, which has been undermined by ongoing abuse in the relationship, ended.

The Maria da Penha law

Even though the law for the protection of the women, the Maria da Penha Law) be regarded as a model for the world, and many disagree with it, the organs, the brazilian will be enough to protect women. The problem is not in the text of the law, in and of itself, but in its application, that it is deeply flawed. However, it is important that the woman is a victim of violence of any sort, you must register for the newsletter and apply the Maria da Penha Law.