Fans can compare the mansion of Justin Bieber on the base of the Avengers


Justin Bieber has got a full fledged installation of the SHIELD as well as home in the Los Angeles area.

It is, of course, that Justin Bieber lives in a luxury mansion in California, and thanks to all the success that we did, and still does, in her career as a singer. The home of the pop-star is located in Los Angeles, california, USA, and attracts attention by its design, is completely different.

The property’s futuristic and was designed by architect Ed Niles, and served as a residence for him until 2014, when it began to rent it out for monthly fees of US$ 60 billion (roughly 310 billion dollars). What a lot of people, I hadn’t noticed it until now, that is what the house looks like a well-known place from the fan of super-heroes.

As some of the fans have noticed and have posted it on Twitter, in the house, Who is extremely similar to the headquarters of the Avengers in the movie Universe, Cinematic, Marvel comics. On the basis of the heroes, he was seen in a number of films in the MCU, especially the Avengers: Deadline, when it was destroyed by Thanos in the final battle of a long time.

Currently, Justin Bieber is currently living in another home in Beverly Hills with his wife, the model, Hailey Baldwin. The new couple will have a total estimated value of US$ 8.5 million (approximately 44 million). Check out the mega-mansion and in B below.

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