Fans have speculated that Halsey and the Yungblud established dating after a post by a mysterious


Halsey it left fans confused, on the night of Monday, the 23rd.

At the beginning of the year, she took up a relationship with the actor Evan Petersof American Horror Storyin a beautiful tribute to the anniversary: “I can’t imagine life without you.” It turns out that post was deleted, which led to the understanding that they are no longer dating.

This has meant that many have questioned whether they were finished or not. Right now, the voice of the ‘You Should Be Sad” he recently published an Instagram Stories), showing a supposed meal, which made My first attempt at making a Sunday dinner #Certificate-of-Scotland,” he wrote, noting that “supplies are limited”.

However, the one detail that really caught the attention. The singer Yungbludalso from Yorkshire and an ex-boyfriend, Halsey, shared the same Stories, saying, “I can’t confirm.

A lot of fans have started to comment on Twitter about them having gotten back together with the girls. While others, bet on it that they are just friends. And for those who don’t remember, the Halsey arrived in the post with a press release talking about the ending, and how many of them have become friends.

“It doesn’t mean that someone has betrayed her or that something terrible has happened or someone messed up. Sometimes, it just happens, as life is ever-changing, and the adults they become friends and move on,“ he said, while ensuring that it continued to be friends.

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