Forbes confirms that Kanye West, as a billionaire, after receiving “evidence” of the song


A new investigation from the Industry, it has been confirmed that Kanye West is, in fact, a billionaire.

Kanye West is obsessed with their wealth for a long time. For many years, and he begs to be admitted in any one class in which he wants to dive in. At the beginning of his career, and he wanted to be accepted as an artist. Over the past 10 years, he has tried to be accepted as a fashion designer, and now she wants to be recognized as a face.

In the past year, West was featured in an article in the Forbes magazine assessed his net worth at$ 890 million. According to Forbes, the West was angry about this trial, and stated that it is worth more than$ 3 billion a year. After you have re-examine your financial reports, earnings and net revenues for your brand, Yeezy with Adidas sent by the proper music in the Industry, has determined that He has a fortune of$ 1.3 billion.

It’s clear that West still is not happy with that number, and it is inflexible as much as the Acting does not count. Given the fact that they are doing this for a long time, we are confident that the West is simply trying to increase their numbers, as a way to really solidify some of the richest people in the world.

Regardless of this, there is no denying that the brand Yeezy, now it’s a gold mine. What was once ridiculed is now an empire worth billions of dollars, and the West should be proud of it.

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