Forbes magazine gives the information of the face to Kanye West, but to the singer contest posted: “don’t know how to tell you”; you understand!


I’m rycooo!!! Kanye West has finally earned the title of man’s face, which is provided by the prestigious Forbes magazine. However, the rapper was upset to see the value of her bank account, announced by the publication. According to the artist, he’s got more money than the advertised…

The dissatisfaction of the West with that of the Industry, began in August of 2019, when he had stamped them on the cover of the magazine. At that time, the issue showed itself as a collection of running shoes Yeezy was successful and earned a lot of money for it. However, it’s not a matter of the cited face. “I showed them a receipt of US$ 890 million (Us$ 4.9 billion) and they still haven’t told me I was a ‘billionaire’”complained, during an event on the field.

Forbes argues that the approaches of the West, with the magazine’s team was even more acidic, having considered the matter, “disrespect” and “contempt for the purpose.” At the beginning of the month, the publication released its famous list of people who bilionárias, and, once again, the singer was one of the subscribers. “Well, you know what you’re doing. Are you joking with me, and I don’t I’m going to take a long time and endure more of this in the name of Jesus.”sent in a message.

Kanye West was on the cover of Forbes magazine in the past year. Photo: Reproduction/By Forbes

Thus, it is a team of artist to come in contact with the post and showed the new financial records from the singer. Kanye West has received a US$ 140 million (Us$ 783 million) from the sale of its running shoes in the past year. With that, Forbes magazine has made a new account, using the formulas from usual to calculate the wealth of the individuals that they name as a billionaire, and take a look at it: the rapper’s got it!

The artist was considered to be a billion-dollar for the magazine, with a fortune valued at US$ 1.3 billion ($7 billion). Then you say, “is He satisfied?” In-na-ni-na-no! Lol, He disagrees with the value that it is. “It’s not a billion dollars. They are $ 3.3 billion, and no one else in the Industry, knows how to tell you”sent it to the team.

The international monetary fund has also been approached by the artist, and revealed to him what is his net worth. “It has provided an unaudited balance which measures the net worth of the rapper at US$ 3,15 billion (Us$ 17.6 billion) and a list of more than US$ 200 million ($1.1 billion) the ” other assets”revealed. Vixe… Who’s telling the truth, I don’t know, but I just wanted a loan! Download.