From Kristen Bell to Megan Trainor: the celebrities are put to the test on the “Brain Games” – Today’s


The National Geographic society is going to make his debut on the 3rd of February, the new season of “Brain Games”. According to the channel, as this is a new season and a new host), Keegan-Michael Kay, you will receive a number of celebrities, such as Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Ted Danson, or Megan Trainor.

“The school must be accompanied and supervised by a host with interactive games, illusions and social experiences that will uncover the full potential of the brain and the tricks it uses to facilitate our day-to-day,” says the channel.

In each episode of “Brain Games”, the guests are put to the test in many different ways. In the first one, “are going to be presented with challenges designed to find out how the brains of men and women differ”.

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