Gal Gadot asks fans to stay home during a pandemic, the coronavirus


The protagonist of the franchise, the film Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot he joined the staff of the star to ask for his fans to stay in the house, in the midst of a pandemic of a coronavirus. The actress has been in the Instagram to say that staying at home is a superpower, and to remember that the situation is not to be taken in “way to play fast and loose with” check it out below:

To stay in the house, it’s my superpower, and just for you! Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and for all of us. In this situation, it should not be treated the way you play fast and loose with. The sooner we get home, and we prevent from getting this virus is super contagious, the sooner we will be able to go back to our routines without losing touch with life

Gadot is more of a character to make a public appeal for fans to stay at home. Previously, James Gunn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fabio Yabu and Rita Wilson they came to ask his followers to avoid walking the streets during the period of the pandemic.

The effect of Coronavirus on pop culture

The COVID-19 is a new mutation in the family of coronavirus that is spreading at alarming rates, as of December 2019 at the latest. China was the first country to be a victim of the epidemic, with infections and deaths, are confirmed in all the provinces. Since then, the virus has been confirmed on four different continents, including South America, where Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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Films such as Peter Rabbit-2 and 007 – No Time To Die they have had their debuts delayed because of the pandemic. Between the ages of 13 and 15 march, the United States has reported its worst fundraising in the past 20 years at the box office.