Gal Gadot joins Natalie Portman, and others sing ‘Imagine’


Gal Gadot joins Natalie Portman, and others sing ‘Imagine’

PHOTO: Reproduction / Instagram

The actress is Gal Gadot, known as the mozambique Wonder Woman movie, she did a video in collaboration with other artists, in which each sings a piece of music “Imagine” by John Lennon.

The idea came up in solidarity, s vtimas do coronavrus, and it is also inspired by the flow of the song in the windows and balconies of the one who is in quarantine in the world, and especially in the History.

In the video, in addition to the Lags involved name as the actress Natalie Portman, a presenter, Jimmy Fallon, the singer, Sia, and actors Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles, Amy Adams, and Kristen Wiig.

“Ns: we’re in this together, and we’ll be going through it together,” tweeted a Lag in the caption of the video. Watch this.

In the midst of a pandemic of coronavrus, artists have used their influncia, and spoken to the people to follow procedures that will help you to avoid the contgio.

And the Gal with one of them. On Instagram, she published a picture of his house, and he wrote, “to Stay at home on my super, and just for you! Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and for all purposes. This is situated in-must be addressed, and the way you play fast and loose with. As soon ns we are in the house, and the preventing of hiv in this york is super contagious, the sooner we can return to our routines without losing touch with life.”

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