Halle Berry, 53, no make-up; and the fans don’t even believe


Halle Berry still, the 53-year-old, is one of the most beautiful women in the world. And even if they don’t straighten up too much, and she continues to dazzle. as it happened, again and again. During the filming of his new project, the american actress I was all for this post Instagram. Her image is always fresh, and a figure that is stunning to make the Summer Berry is one of celebrities ‘ most popular.

Halle Berry’s debut as a director in ‘was bruised’

Of course, that Halle Berry is worth a lot more than just her beauty. It is one of the best actresses in Hollywood and has a number of films and awards, including the coveted academy Award, which she got for her performance in ‘After the human’, in the course of 2002.

Now, the actress has a new role in his career. She is a director on his first feature film, Was bruised. During the sessions, she also shared a short slide show promoting the movie. She appears to be relaxing, standing proudly in his chair, from the chair, quite happy, after a long day of work, she has the ultimate responsibility.

The beauty comes up with their hair in braids, t-shirt, large size clothing without a hint of make-up to look at. “My heart is full of gratitude.”wrote Halle Berry a very, very happy with the new design.

Fans are in love with Halle Berry

Their fans couldn’t have been more pleased with this video, and you are complimenting your natural beauty. “How beautiful she is”, “It doesn’t age the same, How is it possible for a woman to have for 53 years.”are a few of the many comments about the beauty of Halle Berry-even without any make-up or a little dressed up.

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At this time, it was at the back of the camera, and then she didn’t want to dress up like it did at the time, when you were a Bond Girl, or the Cat Woman, and in some of his performances in the most famous and also the most overlooked.

Now, the role to drive and it looks like this movie has all it takes to be a successful one. Halle Berry is going to go, but it’s also going to be starring in the film, while the role of Jackie, ‘Justice’, a practitioner of mixed martial arts “profane” that it has lost a lot, and all of a sudden you have to deal with the surprise return of his son, 6 years old, according to the web site HollywoodLife.