Halle Berry accuses the father of her daughter from incest, racism, and child abuse – Who are the


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry (Photo: Getty Images)

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry (Photo: Getty Images)

Halle Berry he made a series of allegations against her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry during the process of fighting for custody of his daughter Nahlain the year 2011. According to documents obtained by the web site RadarOnline, the actress said at the time that he “ruined her life with that kind of abuse-psychological,” in addition to maintaining an incestuous relationship for years to come.

In the statement, which was protected by the court, Halle says that Aubry made racial slurs and refused to recognize the daughter as a birracial. She also talked about the different ways of how it would have jeopardized the lives of the two of them being in a sexual relationship with a close relative.

“After about six months together, and our sex life has died down, and after a year we had sex at least three times. He refused to acknowledge or accept that he had any responsibility for the problems, and, on the contrary, he was criticizing my body in ways that are very degradadoras for women,” read part of the testimony of the Father.

In the case of the influence of Gabriel, who has eight children, the actress said that the relationship started when he was in his teens and a constantly changing foster homes. The relationship would be “last year” to which the other person has finished.

John was also the ex-husband had a history of psychological problems, including depression and anxiety, but she refused to get help, and this is also contributing to that, they have to separate in 2010 after a five-year relationship

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