Halsey reveals what you will not do more tours after the year 2020


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In a blog post on your social media while you share photos of your tour, Halsey took out, and took the whole world by surprise by revealing that it will take a long time and without doing more touring after the year 2020

“I think that 2020 will mark the end of my touring for a long, long time. Thank you for making those memories so special. I am in love with you all night.”

The comments from the fans are concerned about the health and career of the singer, took over the post and Hoping that you will still be able to bring us amazing songs, even if you do not make the most of touring,” he said to a fan and to another fan, supporting the singer, “please, take good care of yourself. Do what makes you happy,” was one of the thousands of reactions from the fans.

In the Manic World Tour, a tour of the Halsey, which started in February in Spain and will go through August in the Uk.