He was born in the ‘Scallop’, the watch is also smart, Kate Spade


The forecast of a few years ago, and that all of the clocks that smart they would replace their smartphones, not realising it, but some of the major brands of accessories and believe in its potential and are investing in a product. One such example is Kate Spade, a designer dedicated to a female audience passionate about fashion. The product brand is called “Scallop” and then you will need an app that combines the display of the watch according to the attire of the person, by means of a questionnaire.


Kate Spade is loved by women all around the world, and is well-known for the vibrant colors and the fun design and the pop. Its first watch, the touchscreen does work with Android Wear 2.0, and has been presented at the CES the year 2018.

In the face of a clock is 3 cm, surrounded by a border, the family of the other products as well. The options that are already well-known, such as the daisy, and the city, and on the strap, it is suitable for the arm of a female. The examples shown are not the colors so vibrant, as it is a feature of the mark, and they are very sensitive. The release is scheduled for February, will bring only items of bracelets in a black-and-tone nude for US$ 295. Out of these options, there will be a bracelet-rose gold US$ 325.


The clock is a smart, Kate Spade also comes with an app that allows you to customize the display. The thing is that, at the time you select in the color of the elements, for example, the app asks about your outfit for the day is to generate it yourself with a screen that matches perfectly with your outfit. Some of the most popular features are also included, for example, does the product have the option of counting steps, calories and distance travelled via Google Fit, and it is also possible to use the Wizard for Google for listening to music on your headphones via the Bluetooth connection.

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In a recent interview with Engadget, CEO Mary Beech said the need for a clock in a more gentle, was the one which led to waits of up to this point. According to her, it was necessary to wait for the technology to evolve to the point of the brand to be able to actually appeal to your specific consumers. The main feature of this type of product, it believed that the one who is going to set you are the consumer, but of course it is for the long-term success of your clock wisely.