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Our Super-man, and he tried, but ended up losing some of the roles of the iconic, to the other stars in Hollywood.

If you’ve met Henry Cavill at The Man of Steel, you probably can’t imagine the journey that the actor had to go through to earn the success in the world. The star has already lost a wide range of roles in the film, and was up against heavy-weights like Daniel Craig and Robert Pattinson, to claim your space on the big screen.

However, the star did not give up, and now it appears in the productions, the most popular in the history of art, such as Justice League of america, Mission: Impossible, ‘ the Effect of Fallout, and Batman vs Superman. Check out eight of the movies in which Cavill-almost-appeared-before the success:

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In 2005, Henry Cavill nearly starred in the sorcerer’s Cedrico Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, in the midst of the hearings, with Robert Pattinson ended up winning the fight on paper. In the interview at ABC News, Cavill has confirmed the information, but apparently, it did not keep the pain.

2. Batman Begins

Around 2005, He came to discuss with some of the people who would like to be the next Bruce Wayne. At the time, Christopher Nolan was already starting on the project, which turned into a trilogy of critically acclaimed, starring Christian Bale. And as much as some of the vehicles that people think that Cavill lost out on the audition for the Ballet, he explained that it was not even enough to take a test.

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3. Superman – The Return

Ten years ago, the star The Man-of-Steel –, Cavill has already tried to win the role of superman. McG, director of the home of Superman, the – The Return has arrived to do tests with the actor. However, the director abandoned the project, and those who had the control of the production, it was Bryan Singer chose Brandon Routh for the live of the character in the AD.

4. 007 – Casino Royale

For Henry Cavill, it was the defeat of the most painful. Sony Pictures almost picked up the actor to live the James Bond movie, but ended up changing my mind. At that time, the role ended up going to Daniel Craig, who plays the classic ” spy, even today.

In the interview, Cavill said that he was very much looking forward to getting this to work, and that I was excited about all the ideas that could be put in place. However, just recognizing that it is the best choice, it was Craig.

5. 300

To be putting all the effort into be able to live a James Bond film in the theaters, for which he refused a role in the film 300, directed by Zack Snyder. Unfortunately, the strategy didn’t work out, and that the actor was not appear in two of the great ones.

6. Twilight

After losing the role in Harry Potter’s Robert Pattinson, he was defeated once again by his co-worker. At this time, the dispute involves the character of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, which has become a cultural phenomenon.

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At the time, the book’s author Stephenie Meyer has been very clear about wanting Henry Cavill in the film adaptation of the. However, it has been ignored. “The biggest disappointment for me was losing to Edward’s perfect,” he said. According to industry sources, the superstar didn’t get the job for being too old to play a vampire as a teenager.

In the meantime, and even after all this backlash, Cavill continued to assert that he was never called on for the film, and that they had not been given, nor on the roadmap.

7. The Green Lantern Corps

Back in 2011, He joined the battle in order to get more of a role in the comics, the Green Lantern corps. However, Ryan Reynolds is just out in front of you, and that it has been chosen by Warner. The good news is that at the same time, the career of the actor began to finally take off.

Chosen to be the main character of the movie Immortals, directed by Tarsem Singh, the star, has won a first ever appearance in a major production. And with that, a lot of doors have opened for him in Hollywood.

8. Fifty Shades Darker

Many believe that Henry Cavill was going to participate in the following Fifty-Shades-of-Grey –In 50 Shades Darker. The actor even went as far as to keep it a secret on social networks, indicating that he would interpret the review of a long time. However, it didn’t take long for him to refute the information, claiming that he was just joking around with the fans.

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