Hundreds protest in Brussels in this instance, But Thunberg


The the teen arrived, without saying a word, just at the beginning of the protest, and the famous poster of the hand Strike to the School because of the Weather), and in black letters on a white background.

The purple sweater, a scarf of the rainbowiris and a hat with white, beneath the wind and the rain in Brussels, which attracted instantly to a cloud of photographers and a crowd of curious onlookers.

We have the hottest, hottest, hotter than the weather!“, chanted the demonstrators, many of the young people in belgium, but also in associations such as Greenpeace or the WWFas well as the retired.

Gathered in the centre of the capital of the European Union, the participants empunharam the flag of the united states, in addition to the message, especially in the English language: “it is Now the last hope”, “We’re just urinating in the shower” or “out of nature, there is no future.”

The rally was organised two days after the presentation by the Commission of a the project the “law of climate”, which aims to establish a the goal the neutrality of carbon by the year 2050, which has been criticised by the Greta Thunbergconsidering it’s a gas to the EU, in the face of the climate crisis.

The proposal is one of the cornerstones of the “Pact for a Green” of the EU, making the climate a top priority for the Commission, but that it was felt to be inadequate by the organizers of the event.

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