“I couldn’t wait to kiss her,” says Val Kilmer, about the Angelina Jolie – 22/04/2020


The actor, Val Kilmer, 60, said in his autobiography, “I’m Your Huckleberry”, which was launched yesterday, and its relationship to the brief with the american actress Angelina Jolie, and he revealed that during the filming of “Alexander” (2004), “couldn’t wait” to kiss her.

“I couldn’t wait to kiss Angie, and buy it for her [um] the jet from the Gulfstream paint, V + J, on a rainbow,” says the actor, who played King phillip in the long, 2004). At the time of filming, Angelina and the Queen, According to the movie, I had just got divorced from actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Val has also admitted that he told the director of production of Oliver Stone, who would only do the movie “the king and the queen, they could have a season to fall in love with one another, and break into the castle, with a passion, before you ‘re the one against the other”. He was “just kidding”, but the director “didn’t see the humor”.

On the relationship of the two, Kilmer said, “I was there when the mother of the show’s second [Marcheline Bertrand] he was losing a battle with cancer. They used to live in the hotel, a favorite of her mother. Or maybe it was the moment of the season finale. By chance, I was there. To a large extent, the deadly, effortless, and refined”.

With the end of the set, and the brief romance, the pair finished, and Angelina’s love for Brad Pitt, his co-worker in “Mr. & Sra. Smith” (2005), to whom he was married, and had five children before separating in 2016.

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