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In an interview with Variety, Natalie Portmanwho will star in the future movie in the MCU Me: Love and Thunderhe admitted that he does not know if the project will be to tackle the battle of the Jane Fosterhis character is against it.

Most recently, the director of the Taika Waititi he said that, in spite of the love that the plot of the comics, and he still wasn’t sure if it was going to take her for the first time.

In the COMICS, in which Love and Thunder it is based, Jane is diagnosed with breast cancer. And when it turns on Mighty Thorthis ends up speeding up even more of his or her illness. Natalie Portman he believes that it would be exciting if you stick to it in the film, but he admits that it is not a common blockbusters touching on delicate subjects such as this one.

“It’s very rare that these types of movies are great entertainment, they analyze the issues of a more serious nature in real life. But I have so manyealmente I don’t know anything about it. I did not see anything, but I’ve heard the same rumors you have, and it’s exciting to think about it.”said Natalie Portman, referring to the interview with Waititi.

To Variety, Portman is still commended to his friend Brie Larsonwho plays the Captain Marvel in the MCU. She says that she sees Larsen as a place of inspiration, and reveals her hopes up to see Jane Foster and Captain Marvel across the screens at some point.

“In fact, I’ve been really inspired by the training of her as Captain Marvel. It was so amazing that she was able to do it. It’s amazing, and I am so grateful to be so close to someone as inspiring as her.”, “she said.

The actress also revealed why she thinks that the Marvel movies are so attractive:

“I love the cross-pollination of all of the films in the Marvel universe. This is one of the reasons why they have become so powerful: all of the supporting actors in your film, you have seen them being actors before. Then, you will really relate to all the characters so much depth.”

Do you want to see a history of cancer in Jane’s in the movie theaters? Please comment.

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In the gallery below, check out the official logo for the film, and some of the pictures of Portman on the The San Diego Comic-Con:

Me: Love and Thunder it hits theaters in the November 2021.

Source: CBS