I took a radical turn in the quarantine, and surprised fans with a new look – there are some


I chose the holiday to the third Thursday (the 21st) to make a radical change in the visual and crashed into the more than 20 million followers with the news.

The country has always displayed a long, black hair, his trademark. But his sister, Simone, decided to innovate. It emerged on the social networks, with their hair a lot shorter, at the height of his shoulders, and took advantage of the moment, to disclose, to live on the street.

The new look has divided opinion. Some people liked it a lot. But there are users who don’t like the cut, and they want to believe that it is a wig.

Photo: Reproduction

“Meanwhile, I decided to do something different… And I also want to do to live!!! Friday is for #LivedasColeguinhas, 20 in the evening on our YouTube channel,” she wrote in the caption.

It is worth noting that in the past year, I trollou, and he appeared wearing a wig and chanel. A lot of people thought that she had cut her hair. This time it was for real?

I new look
Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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