Idris Elba Margot Robbie and Alice Braga are visually revealed in the photos from the set


It was also revealed the look of the Man in the Polka-dot, played by David Dastmalchian

The production of the Squad-Suicide 2 he continues to steam up there in the Bay. After they leave pictures of John Cena, and also the look of harley quinn, seen and revealed by the graphics of the character of Idris Elba and Alice Braga, who have not yet had the papael revealed to you, and also for men and women of the Bubbles (David Dastmalchian), of harley quinn, with the same model as above, and the full motion capture of the Shark King (Steve Agee).

The photos should be from some point in the conflict, as the actors are free of dirt and dust. Check it out:

“More photos from the set of the Squadron’s Bombers are coming in. You see, Margot Robbie, and Idris Elba are characterized, and the first glimpse of the Man in the Balls!”.

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The film, which debuts on August 6, 2020, which does not yet have a synopsis of the official revealed to you, and you must have a strong inspiration from the Comic of the group in the 1980’s.

Harley quinn, which will be of great importance in the film, he is starring in the latest film in the DC was released in theaters, which is on the Bird-of-Prey: harley quinn and the Emancipation of the Fabulous, which debuted in theaters last February 6.

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