In a posthumous work, Cameron Boyce stars in gay kiss in the HBO series


Cameron Boyce, and one Day the Temple in the “Mrs. Fletcher”. (Picture: Play/HBO)

Unfortunately Cameron Boyceknown for his work at walt Disney world, passed away in July of this year. However, before the inevitable happened, he left some papers written. And one of them is in the Mrs. Fletcher, mini-series for HBO. In the series he’s starring in a gay kiss, which you can see in the image above.

In the episode, and the actor appears in the skin of Zach, a young college student who appears only in his underwear at a party in college and breaks into the dance to give you a massive kiss on the other boy. The attitude of the young man is not welcomed by the New Boutique, his room-mate, because he is annoyed that his friend never told him that she felt betrayed by both men. The sexual orientation of Zach has not been revealed.

In the story, A live room-mate Brendan, who is the son of the protagonist, Eve Fletcher, played by Kathryn Hahn. The series is created by Tom Perrotta, it already has the 5 episodes shown, and it tells the story of a divorced woman and the crisis of middle age, when your child goes off to college, he decides to reinvent himself and explore new sexual experiences.

In addition to the “Mrs. Fletcher”, A, can be seen in the three works, posthumous: a stake in the series, Paradise City, a feature film called “the Runt”, and in the third film, “the Descendants,” for which he became famous for his character of Charles, the son of Cruella de Vil. He became known for his performances in Disney world, such as, for example, in “Jessie,” and “a Guide to a Gamer for Almost Everything. Boyce has also been in movies such as “Mirror of Fear”, “Control”, and “it’s 1 and 2.

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Cameron Boyce he passed away at 20 years old in July of this year. The cause of death was listed as being an “existing medical condition”. He had epilepsy and had suffered a seizure in his sleep.

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