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Check out our first impressions of the series.

The platform for the streaming of the Apple, the AppleTV+already have created a number of original productions, which are winning over ever more people. But, this Friday (the 24th), and the service has just launched a new bet is that you have a good chance of being in the present, in the future, we got a flat.

On behalf of WalterDefending Jacob), starring Chris Evans, is a mini-series in the thriller cop, based on the best-selling author William Landay. The first three episodes of the production were released today and we’ve already watched!

Directed by Morten Tyldum (Game of Imitation), the story focuses on a family, a Group, and as the crime that the boy, Jacob (‘jaeden Martell) did this. Her parents deny it all the time, and the involvement of the child in the murder of a classmate, but Andy Green (Evans) is a prosecutor who did his job very well and has a lot of prestige among co-workers, the impact comes on two fronts. The character is both a suspect in the police that your child was the target to do with the murder of a young girl of 14 years, as well as the fear that it could lead to your personal and professional life.

After finding out that he was found off of clothing at the scene of the crime, and that the friends of the son, considering him responsible for the death of a classmate, Andy pass the risk on both sides, and this seems to be the main focus of the series, in addition to the factor in question. After all, the boy is innocent or not?

In the scenario shown in In Defense of Jacob, it’s kind of a classic: the town is small, all the people know each other and the local police are more than willing to close the case as soon as possible. When you are in the DNA of Jacob in the scene, the character, later explaining that, without wanting to, she found a colleague dead in the forest and the police do all they can to obtain a warrant out for his arrest.

The story of the mini-series has two different lines of the time: almost a year after the crime, it has an atmosphere more loaded with Andy’s (visibly tired) deposing to that of your ex-partner in the work, and the other line that gives us all the facts, from the time of the crime, in keeping with the question that lingers in the minds of the Group and of the mystery involving the friends of the Jacob. Assigning the information, at the same time interwoven with life in the seclusion of the household, the plot is not quick to assemble the whole lot.

By the third episode In Defense of Jacob, don’t pay so much attention to a crime in and of itself, but rather on the weight of the past and Andy on the issues, his wife Laurie (Michelle Dockery), and shall have, with respect to the child. When the dreadful information on the family of Andy coming to the fore, the script enters a fun question for himself, Jacob is: “I have the genes to do it wrong?”.

To the AppleTV+ has a lot of positives, starting with the great performance of the central trio is formed by Evans, Dockery, and Martell. While the artist’s son, keeps your eyes cool and distant all the information that you need to be released at one time or another, and the performances of the parents, the afflicted, and the agoniados with the situation of the balance of the emotion of the situation is so bad. The family dynamic is marked by the silence and the fear of what is to come.

A beautiful photo that highlights the tones of the cold and the dark, In Defense of Jacob, it also has a very good direction in that it presents the drama of the characters with care, and exposing them to the right size for the curious is on the right track. The series promises to support the us in the first few chapters of: – provoking questions, the answers to which can be scary, and based on the good choice for your team.

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