In the queue, he walked! Demi Lovato is dating again, it says to People; find out who is the new secret!


In the queue, and walked to Demi Lovato! In this week’s People magazine has confirmed that the core of the star has a new owner. According to the publication, the singer has been dating the actor Max Ehrich, who has been in a series called “the Young and the Restless”.

In spite of all the teams, none of them have spoken out about the case, the interactions of Rt and the Max of social networking, left to the fans, the artist is wary. This Tuesday (the 24th), the actor posted a photo of his bare chest, which she said in the caption: “When you realize that you should have put more stuff in your suitcase for your stay in quarantine,”. A little later, the voice of “Stone Cold” said in the post: “It is great for me.”. Impressive… take a Look at it:

Demi Lovato just appeared on the post-its again @ Max Ehrich. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

But the evidence does not stop there! Recently, Ehrich has posted videos of his aconchegando with the dogs to Lovato, He and She. The actor also posted a picture with all the pets in your feedback that you have received and the like, of a loved one. The fans, of course, don’t let it go shake. Take a look at:

But who is Max? At the beginning of his career, the actor’s 28-year-old has made a cutting-edge “High School Musical 3”, as a dance major. One of the highlights of his work was on the soap opera “the Young and the Restless,” on which he worked between 2012 and 2015. By 2019, it has been in the movie from Netflix, the hollywood Walk. Ride. This decision, in which even let go of the voice in singing. In the past year, the artist has also participated in a series called “the American Princess”.

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The last relationship that Demi Lovato has been the model of Austin, the Wilson, made in December 2019 at the latest. However, in the same month, and the relationship of the two has come to an end. “She’s focusing on herself and her work, as well as focusing on your relationship with God.”revealed an insider to People magazine at the time.

Demi and Max, you deserve all the love in the world, right? ‘ve shippamos on the bed!