In the us, the platform brings about short movies with Sophie Turner, Liam Hemsworth and Culture


The new streaming platform Quibi you want to revolutionize the entertainment industry in the post in the second, 6 in the United States, your service in the “heart” of the short videos for mobile phones, but with the quality of Hollywood.

Attracted by the project, and for the millions of dollars pledged by Quibi, the stars of film and television made an effort to produce films and tv shows. Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon are just some of the names who have embarked on this initiative.

All of the content on the Quibi to be transmitted into pieces of about ten minutes at the most. The material is produced in a format that is both vertical and horizontal, changing from one to the other, depending on the preference of the viewer.

The technology and the system were calibrated to “true” in the mobile devicesthat may not be the best solution for the containment and in the course and arising out of the covid-19.

According to the company, the idea is to bring young people, active, who, most likely, take a video of the two-to-ten minutes on public transportation, or throughout your break for a cup of coffee.

Even with the change of the conditions originally thought to gear up for this service, the company has decided to hold its release for the same date.

“People still have a turning point, they are just different,” says the executive director of Quibi, Meg Whitman. “Step-by-life-on-Zoom (video conferencing platform), but if you have ten or 15 minutes between two phone calls here and there, I’m going to see what Quibi.” The signature is in the USA, it will cost you$ 5 per month more, and$ 8 without.

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The new platform has been launched 175 new original shows – from the series, diversions, comedy, drama, and celebrity gossip. Here are some of the highlights:

Liam Hemsworth is a dad with a lot of accounts and it is a terminal disease in this series of gripping and sophisticated, which seems more likely to be a film with a big budget. The version of Quibi, is a master class in how to create the chapters of the exciting and small.

Each episode in this tale of an adult and the distressing is fun. Sophie Turner is living with a young woman with suicidal tendencies, who survives a plane crash. It is amazing how the woman, surprised by the disease itself.

Engrossing crime drama about a man (John James), who takes refuge in the house. It’s like French fries: I am unable to watch a single episode.