James Charles denies Tati Westbrook, and internet users will want to know who is telling the truth, check it out!


Tati and James, Charles, Play, Internet.)

Last Saturday (the 18th), and the youtuber James, Charles made a new video on his channel to talk about the controversy that has Tati Westbrook he played on the fans. The new video for James titled “No More Lies”, has 41 minutes in length, and there are more than 32 million views on the video, the makeup artist says that many of the things said about him are lies, and that is the situation, move on with your health and mental well-being.

In the video it says that the account of his side of the story, it talked about the Buttons, and Jeffree Star, who’s accused of making sexual advances that are inappropriate in heterosexual men. He has provided screen shots of the conversation from Instagram, which allegedly had with a waiter at a restaurant in Seattle, saying that their encounters were completely consensual.

“I’m a boy, a virgin of 19 years old. I have never used my fame, or money, or to be able to handle the expensive drug. This is disgusting,” said James, Charles, and denying the release of the Buttons.

Because of all of this twist in the story, I don’t know which version is true, James and Charles, have already gone up from 13.4 million subscribers, to 14.9 million, and Tati Westbrook has already lost more than 300 thousand subscribers and you are getting hate on the internet.

On Twitter, James said: I did my video today, not to start a war, but to take responsibility for my own actions, and to clear my name. There are two sides to every story, and now you can hear the two of them. I’m sure that’s going to be said, but I’m getting on with it. You can form your opinions, but please, don’t send any hate to anyone.”

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