Jason Momoa is being considered to live in the famous hero of the video game is in the new movie


Kratos from God of War
Kratos from God of War (Movie)

After many years as one of the genre’s most unwanted to the movies, and the movies based on video games, they came back with it all. They are the new focus in Hollywood to win over the audience, very much driven by the commercial success of the Pokemon: Detective Pikachuand Sonic: The Moviewith a small budget production, it managed to rake in more than $ 300 million at the box office from all over the world.

While other movies similar to it, Whitealso, based on the game, and led by Tom Holland, and Mark Wahlberg, and if it keeps up with the details in absolute secrecy, the rumors are starting to emerge about the new changes, and the most important of these, involves the Universal, and that it would be ready for the start of a franchise God of War iii.

But in the studio you don’t have to be there and it seems a lot more ambitious, in that they want to Jason Momoa the cast of characters to live with Him, as told by the website We Got This Covered. It remains to be seen whether the player and the protagonist of the Tempest has been addressed formally, but it is possible that the producers wanted to use his current popularity to boost the film.

Momoa has been the subject of many rumors about the participation in new projects in the last few days. Gave him a chance to walk away with the role of Dracula in a new series of the show, The Brides, something that has not happened, and that he himself is writing a sequel to the movie ” Conan, the Barbarian, the remake he made in 2011, and it turned out to be so poorly regarded by the critics and the public, and that it was engavetado at the studio.

Apart from all these rumors, the only thing that is concrete is that Momoa is getting ready to live, she can Move in the theaters one more time. The new Aquaman is expected by the end of 2021. If all goes as planned, and the opportunity to follow up with the plan to do at least three of the films in the soil, the hero of the water prior to the exchange of a garment to another character, and Aqualad.

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