Jennifer Aniston donates to the R$ 53 thousand for a registered nurse with a COVID-19 for ‘live’


Jennifer Aniston he gave an interview to the Jimmy Kimmel in the wake of the Thursday, 2, in a broadcast live on the YouTubeso to speak, as it has been years. The ‘live’ had a participao de Kimball, Fairbanksa nurse with an american infected with a coronavrusthat had to be taken away from her two young daughters. For the actress, if that was the case, and I was a nurse with doao de US$ 10 billion (Us$ 53 billion, on the cotao present, a thank-you for the work of Kimball on the front line to combat the pandemic.

Jennifer Aniston is in isolation in h for almost a month and found that it has been a challenge for her, because she has agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that is defined by dicionrio Google as a “fear of mrbido if you find yourself in the large spaces in the open or crossing places, public”. That is, to stay in the home to help the actress in the bad feeling and the streets are empty.

“The most challenging thing to watch, o notcias and try to digest what you’re going for,” he said. In a joking way, She told you her hobby in quarantine for the washing of the loua, because it’s a way of washing their hands.

(foto: Divulgao)
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