Jennifer Lawrence shows off boldly into the messy Mom!


Darren Aronofsky has made a secret Mother.that is displayed in the The Toronto film Festival before making his debut with the world – in Brazil, in on Thursday (the 21st), in the presence of the officer. But the truth is that it is almost impossible to summarize what it is about the movie, and a good environmental profile and religious mix of drama, horror and action.

Jennifer Lawrence this is the Mother of the title. Who is married to a man much older (Javier Bardem), he or she is reforming herself, the room, the room of the house, in the middle of nowhere where they live. The building, in and of itself, it begins to show signs of life. One day, a man (Ed Harris) is knocking at the door. And out of nowhere, with her husband, a writer, in an attempt to overcome the blockage to creative, let it stay there. The next day, he comes to the wife of a man (Michelle Pfeiffer). Her husband is pleased with the attention of strangers. But, little by little, they are becoming more and more numerous, chaotic, and unruly. The house becomes the scene of destruction and violence.

The film was also at least broken in Venicewith the jeering in the press section. In Toronto, the reaction to the views of journalists are not usually there, and it was no different on the morning of that day, only a journalist, laughed with us when the credits came up. The truth is that Mother. it pushes so many times that… is it that it’s hard to have an opinion on the definitive at the end. And that’s the problem: there are so many things that added up, like so many of the scenes to be shocking and confusing, it’s an allegory about the mistreatment of the Earth by human beings – the Parent is the world, and about the Creation (of the world), it gets a little lost in the noise. Aronofsky has said that he wrote the screenplay in just five days, and that maybe it was going to take more time to Polish up the material. Now, with so much going on, bored of the view, Mother. it is not. But it’s also not a candidate for the academy awards, even though the delivery is for Jennifer Lawrence, who can be anything but an actress and a coward.

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