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Ever since Greta Garbo was Mata Hari a very whimsical and kitsch in the film from 1931 with the same title, that is, the women haven’t had much luck with the characters of the spies or the agents of the secret in the movie. There has never been the female equivalent of James Bond, Harry Palmer, one of George Smiley, or even Matt Helm. The attempts of the more recent ones, for example, have been disastrous: the absurdity of “the brethren”, by Phillip Noyce, with Angelina Jolie as a CIA agent accused of being a spy to the russians, and the flashy “Atomic Blonde-Special Agent”, by David Leitch, in which Charlize Theron interprets it, without the drip of a probability, an agent of MI6 sent on a mission to Berlin shortly before the wall came down. And then there’s the innocent-comedy “Spy,” from Paul Feig, where Melissa McCarthy is an analyst for the CIA, which is offered as a volunteer to go and fight a super-villain.

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And lo and behold, Jennifer Lawrence, comes into the game on The “Agent Red,” by Francis Lawrence, adapted from the novel by Jason Matthews, an ex-operative of the CIA. She plays the role of Dominika Egorova, a prima ballerina of the Bolchoi, that’s part of a leg on the stage, and you can’t dance to it, that means that you will lose all the privileges that come with that status. In particular, the apartment where she lives with her mother and the nurse that takes care of it. The one who She (Matthias seated with him were), they have a strong position in the intelligence services and in order to keep all of its benefits, it is drawn in the mind of a school of the intelligence service, where young girls and boys, hand-picked, (the “sparrows” of the title is the original from the tape, “the Red Sparrow”), are relentlessly taught how to use their bodies and minds to perform special missions. And it is She to seduce an agent of the CIA (Joel Edgerton), who “manages” a caller to a Russian of high rank in the power.

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Francis Lawrence, who has directed Jennifer Lawrence in the series “Hunger Games”), and the screenwriter, Justin Haythe appear to be trying to “Agent Red,” not to repeat the cliché and the conventions of barbudas from the spy movie of the Cold War, starting first thing in the novelty of the main character. Even though this is where the tape runs out quickly, as do, to a new political and geo-strategic, taking into account that “the Russian threat” has been raised in the us and the western world, and in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is now the target of a campaign of demonisation continued by the general public in Russia, by the way, that never appears in the strip, but is several times referred to by some of the characters from the Russian side of the story). Any illusion about that, “Agent Red,” you aspire to surf close to, or even in the murky waters of a John Le Carre or Len Deighton, will break down very quickly. To guess from a distance, the identity of the traitor in russia.

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Which is not at all in the time of old movies, the action and espionage of the Cold War, that is, the violence is very graphic, and the abundance of sex and nudity (much to the detriment of their own with Jennifer Lawrence, at this time, the actress was the highest paid in the world), the plot covers. Just in case, it’s either because Francis Lawrence is a film-maker to be indifferent, and no style argument, so many twists and turns that at times you lose the north, and the characterization of the characters is more than skin deep, Edgerton, and Lawrence have no chemistry, it’s as if they’re trying to make a spark in the middle of a snow storm in Moscow, and the actress is not well-served by the role. No one can take away from a character that she doesn’t have. And She has very little to squeeze out.

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“Your Agent in Red” has a stake in most of the roles in the secondary, for an eye-catching cluster of actors, almost all of them brits – Jeremy Irons in general, still of Charlotte Rampling in the ice-cold director of the institute of special agents, Joely Richardson, the mother of She, Ciaran Hinds in the prime minister’s all-powerful. And they all, without exception, (including Jennifer Lawrence) can speak English, that accent is a Russian joke that no one ever thought to save for the ridiculous, and thoroughly enjoyed the many parodies made of this kind. Regimes come and go, the ideology of collapse and become extinct, the balance of forces of the major powers will change, but there are some things that never change in the spy movies. Beginning in the spring unintentionally hilarious.