Jennifer Lopez show house, and her fans will find similarities with the property of ‘the Parasite’


The singer Jennifer Lopez he shared on his Instagram on Friday (20) in a video showing her routine with her husband, and the children of the quarantine, caused by a new coronavirus. And the fans do not lost a chance to compare my friend’s house, with the house shown in the movie, ‘the Parasite’ (by 2019).

“You can’t get out to go to a restaurant or anything, but the service and the entertainment so if you are not very good,” wrote Lopez, in the caption of the video.

A short time after J-LO’s spread the video using Twitter Niazahraaa shared to the record, and joked: “please, take a look in the basement” is a reference to the plot of the Parasite, which is living hidden away in the basement of the home of a wealthy family.

Check out the video: