Justin Bieber releases the build-Work From Home-with 5 bands


Justin Bieber released on Thursday, the 26th of march, it is thought that the Work From Homecompilation with five tracks to listen to while in quarantine, caused by a pandemic of a new coronavirus.

The EP includes four songs from the album Changes and the new acoustic version of the song “Intentions”. The other tracks are “Work From Home”, “Unavailable”, “At Least For Now,” and “Running Over”, a collaboration with Lil Dicky. Check it out:

Work From Home this is the second one compiled and published by the artist, while in quarantine, and it is available in streaming on Spotify, Apple, Music, and Amazon Music. Bieber has promised fans they will be releasing new compilations two times a week. The first one was R&Bieberpublished on Tuesday, 23.

With 17 tracks, and Changes this is the fifth studio album of Bieber’s, and has interests in Lil Dicky Travis Scott, The Post Malone, Clever and Kehlani. Even in the year 2020, the singer has won a number of documentary for the YouTube Original. Entitled Justin Bieber: A Cd / Dvd Playerthe production show “the difficulties that are authentic, and triumphs of real-life“the musician, according to the global head of original content for YouTube, This May Be A Big Dick.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus, the various areas of the entertainment is affected with the postponement of the premiere, they are in production and the cancellation of the big event.

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