Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, would He help her in Jumanji


We spoke with the actress Karen Gillanwho lives in Ruby-The Roundhouse in the movie Jumanji: the Next Phase. It is also well-known for Nebula Guardians Of the Galaxy, and Amy Pond in the Doctor Who. In the chat, he talked about the Avengers – Ultimate, he chose those who would help her in the game, Jumanji and decided on who would win in a fight between a Ruby and a Nebula. Check it out:

The direction of the Jumanji: the Next Stage, it is the responsibility of the Jake Kasdan, whom She called “a secret weapon in the franchise’s run.” The director has held the same position in the previous film, and has also been responsible for productions such as Fri Tape: Lost In The Cloud and A Teacher Without A Class.

The film is currently on show in Brazil.

Check out the trailer for the feature:

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