Kate Beckinsale celebrates the condemnation of Harvey’s Career, and recalls the assault


PlayKate Beckinsale broke the silence and took out Harvey Weinstein

Kate Beckinsale has used their social networks to talk about the conviction of a Harvey Weinstein, the 23-year prison term for sexual assault and rape. She was one of the more than one hundred women’s to come for the public to report, the Hollywood producer, for his conduct is not acceptable.

After the verdict, But he made a lengthy post on Instagram, emphasizing that it feels “relieved” at the news of the sentencing. She reported the assault to a verbal in-to an incident in 2001 with a Career.

She goes on to explain the situation at the premiere of “Written in the Stars” in October 2001-just weeks after the September 11 attack, the city is still on fire”. On the occasion, the cast and crew refused to take to the red carpet, because “it seems to be the most insensitive and disrespectful as possible. But Harvey didn’t give up.”

The next morning, Beckinsale has claimed that Weinstein asked him if she could so that her daughters playing in their house. However, the place took a turn for the worse when he is attacked verbally on the show. She said he was pale, he cried out, and xingá it’s called “catty” for wearing a suit on the red carpet.

“I had no idea what he was talking about, and I began to tremble. He said, ” I’m organizing a red carpet, you have to come up with a sheath dress, swinging back and show off your tits, don’t show up as a po*** a lesbian.”

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She fell into weeping, and was able to leave the residence of her daughter. “This is one of the many experiences that I did not know to deal with. (…) To hear that he is going to prison for more than 23 years, it is a relief not only to me but to all the women who were battered or raped.”

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These photos were taken at the premiere of Serendipity on October 5,2001. We all refused to go because holding in to the premiere mere weeks after 9/11, with the city still smoking felt like the most insensitive, tone-deaf,disrespectful idea possible .But Harvey insisted. We flew into New York and somehow got through it. The next morning, Harvey called me and asked if I would like to bring my less-than-two-year old daughter to his house for a playdate with his similar aged daughter I said ok. I turned up and he immediately called for his nanny to take the babies to another room to play. I went to go with them, and he said, “No, you wait here .” The minute the door closed he started screaming “you stupid fucking CUNT, you CUNT, you ruined my world premiere .” I had no idea what he was talking about and started to shake.He said,”If I am throwing a red carpet, you get in a tight dress, ” you shake your ass, you shake your tits, you do not go down, it’s looking like a fucking lesbian, you stupid fucking cunt .” The shock made me burst into tears.I tried to say “Harvey, ” the city is on fire, people are still looking for their relatives none of us even felt the fact that was appropriate much less, he came out dressed like it’s a bachelor party .” He said,”I don’t care it’s my fucking fact, and if I want the two on the red carpet, that’s what I get.Screaming. Livid. I managed to get myself and my child out of there, and yes, that was one of the many experiences I had, that there was, in the scm agreement is,and falls under the felony.But I WAS punished for it, and for the other instances where I said no to him for years,presents insidiously, and seeming irreversibly. Hearing that he has gone to prison for 23 years, is a huge relief to me, on behalf of all the women he’s sexually assaulted or raped, and I hope will be a deterrent to that sort of behavior in this and any other industry. Having said that,the crimes that are not crimes,the inhumane bullying and sick, covert abuse, for which there is STILL the recourse in the matter who you tell(and did tell),these too need to go.I hope and pray that we as an industry can start to actually outlaw all the abuses of power and expose them and eliminate them, for all genders,here.And the Rose,wild can

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