Katy-Perry-responds to a documentary on Taylor Swift at the Sign, “I have Seen a lot of vulnerability,”


In the documentary, ” Miss Americana is available in just a few weeks ago on Netflix and it has brought a new look to fans on Taylor Swift. Now, it has been shown that the production had an audience, well, special.

The Stellar Magazine, Katy Perry said that she attended the program. The singer, as well as the fans, as if surprised at what he saw.

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Remembering that he has already had some feud with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, has approved the program.

“Well, we don’t have a close relationship, but we do send a lot of messages. I was very impressed when I first felt a self-consciousness in it, and I’ve also seen a lot of vulnerability. I was so excited for her to show to the world those things to do: there is nothing perfect, there is no need to be, and it is more beautiful when you’re not,” said the singer.

“In this revelatory documentary, ” Taylor Swift takes its role as a songwriter and a singer, and a woman who knows how to use the power of your voice,” says the blurb.

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The production comes from calling the attention of the fans just by bringing one side in a completely unfamiliar part of the city.

“Miss Americana is available on Netflix.

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