Kristen Bell reminds us that beautiful moment when his daughter had volunteered to bury the grandfather,


The children talk about each and every thing…

In an interview with the program Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, may 29, Kristen Bell he spoke about the “beautiful“the way your daughter wanted to say goodbye to her grandfather after he passed away. After explaining that it’s small, it has a very good “the practice“look at your life for the sake of education, that is honest, that she Data Analysis Expressions (Dax Shepard. given, she shared with me that her daughter wanted to bury him.

Their grandfather was about to die, and he would’ve died, but when he died, she said: “When the people die, we go to the funeral with you?”it, ” said the star of the The Good Placewho is the mother of LincolnOf 6, DeltaTo 5. “And I said, ‘Yes you will’. Then she said, ‘Ok. Do I need to bring my shovel? Because I’ve got a set of gardening’. And I said, ‘what do you need for a snow shovel, my love?’. And she said, ‘Well, I want to help bury him. Where do we do it? In the back yard of the house?’“.

And then I had to explain that we can’t bury him in the backyard of the house, because it is not allowed by the law“Kristen went on. “But she genuinely wanted to bury the grandfather, and I think that there is something strangely beautiful about it. It is in the best of families, and it is helping a person who is older and go from one way to the pacific“.

She joked: “Some people might say that she is a sociopath, but I’m not going to think about it“.

Before I tell you the story of the star of Frozen 2 shared how she and Dax are talking to their children about death.

Our daughter said it when she was 5 years old, I’m going to die?’“Kristen said. “Both of us were half in shock, and we said, ‘what’s next? What do we do? We have so many ways to explain it. It will be that we make up a story.” You say that you don’t know? We say what we know without knowing it?’“.

She went on: “We will only reply, ” Yes, you’re going to die.” She said: ‘I want to’. And, we are told, ” And we don’t know for sure what will happen when you die. Have you seen thou art’. She replied, ‘it’s Okay’. And we are very pleased because we agreed to never lie to our children“.