Kylie Jenner posts a photo with Kendall and daughter, and asks: were we Not at odds?


Kylie Jenner, it revealed the tips for the isolation of the coronavirushttp click is a little bit unusual on Sunday, the 22nd. After sharing selfie with Kendall Jennershe asked a question relevant to the Case.

“Throwback”she wrote in the caption of the image, in which the two appear in the same outfit of a white t-shirt. However, confused by your post, Kendall said: “We was not in the brigade?”.

In his reply, Has said: “Yeah, but my tits are great in this shot.

In the midst of a pandemic of a coronavirus, in the family Kardashian has distanced himself, adopting the host state. Has revealed on Instagram that she was in a self quarantine, and said that I was already used to it, and to stay in the house. “I’ve been in eight days”showed her that on the 18th day of march. “My pregnancy had prepared me for this.”

“At the end of my pregnancy, with all the helicopters flying over my house all day, so I was afraid to go out. But it was my choice to do it, so I left it and I got bored. I watched the movies, read the books. I did a full day in the spa, and taking long baths”revealed to her.

Now, with her daughter Stormi Webster to the company, the star, 22-year-old has been spending quality time with your bloodline. After you share your photo with Kendall, Kylie has posted one-click with Stormi and her stuffed animal, Donald Duck aconchegados on the couch. Movies or tv shows all day long with Stormi, and He is living in the moment”she wrote.

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Please see below for the Trip, Kylie Jenner, with Stormi and her friends: