Live with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez reveals that, recently, it has been diagnosed as bi-polar


Live from Selena Gomez, with Miley Cyrus ' Photo: Reproduction
Live from Selena Gomez, with Miley Cyrus ‘ Photo: Reproduction

Selena Gomez has opened up your heart and you told intimacy is about your mental health to his old friend: Miley Cyrus. They met for the first time since the days when we lived in a lot of time together, working on the Disney fantasy. Selena has been invited by the Music and to take part in the online chat, and revealed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Recently, I was the last one the best psychiatric hospitals in Americathe McLean Hospital. I have found that, after years and years of feeling so many different things, I am bi-polar,” said Gomez-the Cyrus. “As soon as the diagnosis came out, I looked for more information I went on to the subject ofand it’s really helping me out. Bipolar disorder doesn’t spook me at the moment is that I know what it is”.

The girls also talked about how they are taking care of the the anxiety during the crisis, the Covid-19 and it’s important to stay connected to your essence.

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