Maisie Williams singing “Let It Go” in a commercial for the Super Bowl


Maisie Williamsknown primarily for her role as Arya in the Game Of Throneshe starred in a commercial for the Audi made for the The Super Bowl. In the video, which can be seen in the above, the actress can kind of get carried away and sing along to “Let It Go” from the State of the.

The actress is in the cast of the The New Mutantsfeature of the X-Men, which was filmed in the fall of 2017 and should reach theaters in April 2018 at the latest. However, in the midst of the problems of the production and the fusion between Disney and Fox the film was delayed for several successive times,but the launch has been confirmed for April in the version that was originally planned by the director.

The Super Bowl is the final championship of american football in the NFL. Not only are there numerous campaigns are fun and teasers of films and tv shows for the business, such as the halftime show was Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez.

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