Marvel shows off the replacement for the ‘Captain America’ for Chris Evans, see!


Marvel revealed the first scenes from the series to the MCU, the universe, the cinematic aspects, which will be the Disney’s+. And many of the details of the moments that have been explored.

But the one that seems to have gone unnoticed in the beginning, it’s that the scenes of the Marvel universe revealed, who is the new spider-man in this universe. For the fans, it could be the Falcon, who picked up the shield for Steve Rogers in Avengers: Ultimatum.

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As for the authorities of the MCU, a new spider-man is the other, as can be seen in the times of the Falcon, and the Soldier in the Winter. As highlighted in the image below, and it can be viewed in the video, Disney+ Marvel, and without wanting it, has officially presented the new version of the hero.

In the video, Disney+, confirms the theory that the Agent is an American, played by Wyatt Russell, will take up the mantle of the will of the government of the United States of america. In this film, the so-called hero, walks into a crowd with a costume that is similar to the one used by Steve Rogers.

Featuring such greats as Sam Wilson/the Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and the Soldier Invernal (Sebastian Stan), the program must conform to the character immediately after the end of the Stars: Ultimate, where the ‘Captain America’ (Chris Evans) has decided to give up his coat of arms: red, white, and blue.

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The falcon and the Soldier, Winter comes in August, at the Disney’s+. The platform should be arriving later this year in Brazil.