Mia Khalifa, the love of Portugal and of the great disappointment caused by Pépé


The hatred is born out of love. These words may sound strange, but it all makes perfect sense when you’re talking about Mia Khalifa. The former star of a pornographic movie, never hid it, that you don’t like the Arsenal. Representative of the West Ham Unitedthe current comentadora sports you want the gunners to lose all the games you play. What makes you to love with all of the teams that are the face of the club, which is a sort-of-hate-smoking. And it is here that you enter the Uk.

At the time of the draw for the group stage, it was known that the Vitória Sport Club he would play for Arsenal. A short time later, the Portuguese club and a former actress in the adult movies were about to change, whatever the popular social networks. With Mia Khalifa’s post on Twitter, or putting it more simply, “We Win!”. And I thought to myself that this love story could be more to the story. Only it isn’t so!

Mia Khalifa wore a t-shirt of Vitória Sport Club

The Portuguese side travelled to the Emirates Stadium in celebration of the game, Mia Khalifa has returned to the social network. At this time, in order to share a photo in which appears with a t-shirt of the Winning worn. It was personalized with the name Mia, and with the number 1. With the support of the international superstar has just one more detail to motivate the team to the Portuguese, it was only a few minutes away from the surprise of the journey to europe.

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The team is coached by Ivo Vieira it was to beat Arsenal on two different occasions. And when all of them believed in a draw of two goals (things you would of Mia Khalifa to be happy), Nicolas Pépé scored the winning goal for Arsenal, even when they fall off the piece of cloth. “We don’t start well in the game, but we came back well and we showed our mental strength. Scoring goals is good for confidence, of course. It is now in my hands to continue to make critical contributions to the team, he is the author of two goals in the process.

With the Victory, the Sport Club, he returned to the Uk with a moral victory, and with the support of Mia Khalifa. It only remains to be seen what the former actress will be back when Arsenal travel to Guimarães to play against the Portuguese club.

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