“Percy Jackson: dream of the cast is perfect for the series


When the fans of the sagaPercy Jackson and the Olympians“they found the books to be adapted into movies, they were all very excited to see it Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwoodthe gods , mythological beings, and all of the characters in little darlings, that we know from the work of Rick Riordan. Here is where the film debuted, with a Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Pierce Brosnan and many well-known names in the cast, we were expecting to see something amazing, but it was not quite what had happened.

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In the movie “Percy Jackson the Thief of Lightning” (2010) came up with a number of errors, you forgot about the scenes in the book, he has represented some of the characters in such a way that the fans do not like, and so much more. So when the sequel “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters” came in, I saw that the studio tried to repair things, but it was not in the same way.

A new adaptation of the saga, and the Percy Jackson

So when we saw that the idea could gain a new adaptation – this time as a series – we’ll be more than happy with the ability of the innovation to become real. For this reason, we decided to imagine the cast of perfect production and we have assembled this list for you to imagine with us!

And then, like everyone else’s? What would you change?

Disney+ Brazil

According to the rumors, the series of the “Percy Jackson” is to be adapted for the streaming service, Disney, Disney+. Your very own Rick Riordan has confirmed that he was talking to the studios for a new production based on his works, and the news would ignore all that we’ve seen in the movies up until now. Ever want to!

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