Promotion ended: get a book from the notes of “a love story”, the album of Camila Cabello


The latest album from Camila Cabello has produced great songs such as “Shameless”, “Liar”, “My Oh My” and the megahit “Miss,” and it was all based on love. In her first serious relationship, She sings about the feeling, and she prepared the whole party to look for inspiration in the visual arts. Now, with the album “Romance” is a collection of new, unique, and there are 50 of them waiting for you on a sale that starts right now!!!

How to get started:

First of all, you will need to have an account on Spotify! If you haven’t yet, please sign up. If you already have it, you can log in to it normally.

Sign up or sign in done, it’s time to get on the site for a special promotion, which is nothing more than a digital version of the album, sticker, and look in the Video) for the secret codes that are hidden in the material of Camila Cabello. The tags are just random words that are at the end of each story. Think of it? You only have to enter the letters and paste it in the “notes” section of the website.

Photo: Reproduction

Each code will unlock 3 new, album is common for thousands of years. The first 50 people who complete the digital album will release exclusively physical.

Oh, by the 10 of the notes repeated, you will be able to change them out for something still missing in their album. The site itself, you will identify the one which you already filled out, how many of the repeated-you have saved, and will release a brand new one for you.

Where are the codes?

The code will be made in the material of The Cabello on here Video). Initially it’s going to be 10, which we will release gradually, starting this Thursday (the 19th) until Friday of next week (the 27th). “Ah, so you have to find the subject matter more easily, we will give you tips on POPStories on our Instagram. You can watch, pay attention to the clue and go to the web-site.


This Tuesday, the 31st of march, the new code will be released within the pages of Camila Cabello on here Video). Continue straight on at the POPStories to find out the tips to redeem your notes, and fill in the photo album.


The promotion was shut down at the end of the week, and the winner will be contact you soon. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for the information in.

Photo: Reproduction

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