Robert Downey Jr. he gave Chris Evans a car is the theme of the Avengers — the Diary of Rio


When Robert Downey Jr. you decide to give a gift to someone, it’s almost always something great. Downey, Jr. he loves cars, so when he was thinking about what kind of gift to give to your co-star, Marvel, Chris Evans, and he was installed on the car. But it would not be just another car. There had to be a car that is appropriate for spider-man. It is for this reason that Downey, Jr. he decided to give the Evans a car is the theme of the Avengers at $ 275.000. A Chevy Camaro 1967, According to CNBC, Downey, Jr. started looking at Evans as to what kind of car he likes. Eventually, Downey, Jr. if you set it in a classic Chevy Camaro, 1967). That being said, as soon as the Camaro is modern, with a Camaro 1967 used-it’s actually very affordable. A Palestinian pattern of the last few years, the model can start at around $ 25,000. According to CNBC, a Camaro, in 1967 used to start about $ 20,000. But it is, of course, that it is the Man with the Iron that you are giving the gift to, Downey, Jr. couldn’t just give it to Evans for a basic car for $ 20,000. At the time, Downey Jr’s. he hired a team of SpeedKore, Wisconsin to restore and customize your Camaro for the 1967, reports CNBC. This Camaro in 1967 and did not receive an engine, a suspension, and a supercharger brand new, among the other updates, but it has also been customized to be a car accessory for your Captain America. A special edition of the Steve Rodgers Chris Evans and Anthony Harvey / Getty images) ImagesDowney, Jr. he had the Camaro in 1967, which has customized it so much that it’s the perfect gift for Evans, who played Steve Rodgers also known as Captain America. For example, the seats of the Camaro in 1967 they were replaced with seats from the luxury of the latest and most sophisticated, with leather upholstery. Not only that, but they are the same color as “the brown bomber”, that is Steve Rodgers wears in the movie, when he’s not in costume as Captain America. In addition to this, the steering wheel is set to have a shield from the ‘Captain America’ in the center. These sites, along with a card, the only one that notices that the car is a Special Edition of the Steve Rodgers show, as Downey, Jr. he has designed this car to be everything that’s the character of Evans is representing. For example, it is not a coincidence that Downey, Jr. you have chosen a vintage car like the Camaro in 1967 as a drive base for this custom. In the film, Captain America is frozen in time for decades. Then, when he finally meets the Man of Iron, Steve Rodgers is actually considered to be an old man. It’s just that Downey, Jr. you have chosen a car of the old, to a man, supposedly the old one. For what it’s worth THE $ 275.000 in Spite of the fact that the Camaro, in 1967, used only for around $ 20,000 or a new car, and with the theme of the Avengers, Evans is worth 10 times that. This is because the power to personalize everything, it is expensive, and upgrading just about everything else on the car is even more expensive. CNBC reports on what things are like in the new engine, the suspension, and the new seats are luxurious, cost more than US $ 33,000. Then there is the cost of labor, parts, and other materials that will increase the value of the car, up to the assessed value. That being said, even though it is a muscle car, restored, custom, US $ 275.000, Evans said that, when you drive, you are really out of your league,” according to CNBC. This is because, Evans says that his first car was a Mazda Protege. The Protege was a sport, but it’s not as powerful as a sports car the actual can do for you. And with the new engine in this Camaro in 1967 he won, he became a sports car for real. Jay Leno, who was talking to Evans about his new car, with the theme of the Avengers, he said, was its new engine has around 750 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful cars on the road today.

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