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The artificial intelligence (AI), before the subject, which is more common in works of science fiction, today it is becoming more pervasive in our daily lives, be it smartphones, computers or machinery, and services. This will be the subject of a series of He was GOING toput together by the YouTube video to view exclusively on the platform, with the presentation of the Robert Downey, Jr. — that is, it is not by chance, immortalized in the role of a futurist, Tony Stark, Iron Man.

Downey is going to lead you to the viewers, in a number of fields where AI is being used to create ideas and concepts that are real, things that at other times he was even in the trailer for the magic to happen. It will also examine the impact of these new innovations are causing in the people, from the perspective that projects with the potential of the drain of digital change in society.

The launch is scheduled for the 18th of December, at eight episodes, which are available free of charge from week to week. Video on YouTube Premium are going to be able to see the first four chapters at a time.

Source: Android Central

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